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Beety Gummies

Beety Gummies

Sweet Beet Root Flavor

Supports Heart Health

Boosts Stamina and Endurance

Enhances Brain Health



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Supercharged with the wholesome goodness of beetroot, renowned for its heart-healthy benefits, Happy Nutra's Beety Gummies are your go-to for bolstering heart health, enhancing stamina, and enriching brain health. Just a delicious gummy a day unlocks the potential for improved blood flow, better physical performance, and sharper cognitive functions. Enjoy the sweet taste of beetroot in each bite, making your path to wellness both enjoyable and effortless.



✅ Supports Heart Health
Beetroots are known to improve blood flow and reduce blood pressure, supporting overall heart health.

✅ Boosts Stamina & Endurance
Beetroots are a rich source of nitrates, known to increase physical performance

✅ Enhances Brain Health
Beets contain nitrates that may help enhance brain function.

✅ Easy to Take
Comes in a gummy form that is easy and enjoyable to consume, unlike hard-to-swallow pills.

✅ Potent, Natural Ingredients
Made with beetroot, a superfood known for its health-promoting benefits.

✅ Easy to Take
Comes in a gummy form that is easy and enjoyable to consume, unlike hard-to-swallow pills.

✅ Promotes Overall Wellness
Helps maintain a healthy body and mind, contributing to your overall wellness.



Take 2 gummies per night, 30 minutes before bedtime.

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Customers Can't Stop Raving About Happy Nutra!

    • Heart Health

      Looking to support your heart health? Our Beety Gummies are packed with beetroot, known for its heart-healthy properties.

    • Stamina & Endurance

      Need a boost for your physical performance? Amp up your stamina and endurance with the power of beets!

    • Brain Health

      Want to enhance your brain health? Beety Gummies to the rescue! Beetroot has been linked with improved brain function and health.

      Unleash Your Inner Powerhouse: Happy Nutra's Beetroot Gummies!

      This vibrant root vegetable is a rich source of nitrates and antioxidants, known to improve blood flow, reduce blood pressure, and increase physical performance. It also contains betaine, a nutrient that may help protect against environmental stressors and fight inflammation.

      Why grapple with health woes when there's a tasty solution? Our Beety Gummies are your health heroes, ready to enhance your wellness with the power of beetroot.

      We're all about the perfect blend of health and yum-factor. Each serving packs a potent punch of beetroot. That's a flavorful and effective recipe for health, right there!

      Don't let health issues hold you back. Give Happy Nutra's Beety Gummies a try and get ready to feel healthier, more energized, and on top of your game. Feel the unbeetable power of beets, day after day!

      • GMO Free

      • Gluten Free

      • Made In USA

      • Lab Verified

      • 3rd Party Tested

      • Safe Ingredients

        • "I'm obsessed with their vitamins."

        • "The easiest way to take your gummies!"

        • "Forget about hard-to-swallow pills!"

        • "Literally a gummy for whatever you need."


          How Should I Take These Beety Gummies?

          Take two gummies orally with a meal.

          Can I Take More Than The Recommended Dosage For Better Results?

          No, do not exceed the recommended dosage of two gummies per day. Excessive intake may lead to digestive upset. If discomfort persists, consult with a healthcare professional.

          Can I Take These Gummies If I Am Pregnant Or Breastfeeding?

          If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, please consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement.

          Can I Take These Gummies With Other Medications?

          If you are currently taking any medications, consult with a healthcare professional before taking these gummies.

          Can Children Take These Beety Gummies?

          These gummies are designed for adults and are not recommended for children.

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